After an extensive branding and design exercise with a consulting agency, CPRS revealed their new bulldog mascot, Moxie, in 2019. Through a series of exercises, the committee identified a list of attributes they felt the mascot needed to reflect. These unique attributes included "Focus, Dogged Determination, Energy, Courageousness, Forward Thinking, Fearlessness, Pride, Distinction, Uniqueness, Engaging, and Memorable." Moxie was born to dig deep and find lost dollars. She uses her bulldog traits — energy, determination, fearlessness, proud and tenacity — to find lost dollars in the couch, under mattresses and in other hidden places. Like Moxie, CPRS review teams are curious, tenacious, and adept at finding what they seek.

Moxie bulldogOur goal was to create a strong brand that was unique to CPRS and we wanted to do it right. It was important to demonstrate our strengths yet shows a little playfulness. That’s what makes CPRS unique.” said Rick Beck, Chief Executive Officer, CPRS.

Why Tenacity? Tenacity stands out — Tenacity demonstrates determination —Tenacity captures our dogged determination to serve our clients. That said, our tagline became 'Tenacity Pays.'

Unlike some firms, we’re in it with you. From the moment you partner with us, we’re committed to making sure you have the support you and your team need throughout the financial review process. And the people you meet—the people with the expertise—are the people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and work with your team to find the answers.

We like to think of bulldogs as tireless and tenacious, and
we believe our logo communicates that.