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The CPRS tax team has over 100 years of experience as state sales/use tax auditors. We leverage this experience to efficiently and effectively manage state sales and use tax audits from start to finish. Our backgrounds as former auditors allow us to communicate more effectively with state auditors. This includes presenting information (e.g. supporting documentation, tax refunds, tax theory positions, tax calculations, etc.) in a format that is familiar to the auditor. From collecting data and pulling source documents (e.g. purchase invoices) to representing clients in state-level appeals when needed, we take on as much of the audit representation work as our clients approve to minimize client burden.

We take advantage of state managed audit programs when available. These programs offer financial incentives in exchange for the client or a third-party representative, such as CPRS, taking on audit work directed by the state auditor.

When needed, the CPRS tax team creates state auditor engagement packets for clients to utilize in future state sales and use tax audits. These packets facilitate auditor onboarding and include company information, recommended audit procedures, readily available data (e.g. prebuilt queries), proposed sampling methodology(s), and other relevant information.

Finally, our managers are experts when it comes to state sampling methods and procedures.

The team utilizes this knowledge when negotiating with auditors to develop sample plans that help ensure the sample selected and projected results are reasonable and representative. This includes:

  • Evaluating populations of interest, refinement criteria, and proposed sample populations.
  • Ensuring the appropriate sampling method is selected (e.g. leveraging statistical sampling when available).
  • Separating populations with risk of higher error rates.

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