and Prevent Future Errors.

CPRS conducts independent Accounts Payable Audits (AP Audits) to assess financial data from our clients’ accounts payable records. We understand that errors and overcharges in accounts payable processes can significantly impact the bottom line. That’s why we delve deep to uncover and recover lost profits.

With an AP Audit, our goal is to recover duplicate payments, missed statement credits, and other overpaid amounts relating to terms, returns, etc. We specialize in working with your data and our own existing expertise to identify all forms of systemic duplicate payments occurring outside of scope of typical ERP system checks and balances. Our statements team works through designed steps to maximize the response rate from your vendor community ensuring maximum recovery of funds.

With our Pearl proprietary software system, we possess an end to end solution which handles data

ingestion, review work, claim creation, claims tracking and reporting. We have the capability to evolve AP Audits from historical reviews covering multiple years to routine checks occurring close to the transaction, ensuring overpaid funds are quickly recouped.

An AP Audit is a crucial tool in the identification of overstated expenses and other inaccuracies. Whether it is internal or external, there are many reasons why a company should be interested in this process. With CPRS’s AP Audit services, our clients can be confident that their accounts payable processes are accurate, efficient, and secure.

We have recovered more than a billion dollars for our clients. By partnering with CPRS, you will receive a streamlined AP Audit that will detect duplicate payments, overpayments, and unrecorded liabilities. Don’t delay - connect with us today!



Identify Overpayments & Duplicate Payments


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